David Lains

Language, Learning, Code.



RPL is a propositional logic engine. The code is based on the free Java code provided with Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach.

RPL allows for parsing propositional logic sentences to create a knowledgebase, and then testing the truthfulness of questions against the knowledgebase.

Currently the knowledgebase can be persisted to a file, but the data store is abstracted to an interface, so adding other storage engine could be done in a short amount of time.


Ruby / Rails

hackrLog was an attempt to solve my note taking problems. I wanted to be able to jot down bits of information that I need for a short period while I am working on something, and also have access to older notes that might still be relevant.

hackrLog acts as a stream of notes. The most current notes, and the most likely to be needed, are at the top of the stream. Older notes that are still relevant can be found easily via tags or searching.

The problem I had with this solution is that I needed to keep flipping back and forth from what I was working on to the note interface. It was just easier to keep a notebook next to my keyboard. Sometimes the simple solution is the best.



Titlz is an iPhone app for keeping track of rare book collections. It stores detailed information about books in your collection, such as book and dust jacket condition, presence of signatures, author pseudonyms, and many other attributes.