Since I will be the only person that will probably ever see this entry I just wanted to say, 'Welcome to your new home!' It's a bit of a fixer-upper, but that's what you were looking for right? Something that you could dig into and improve over time. You have a solid foundation here, it should be strong enough to hold any modification you plan to do.

For anyone who delves deep enough into this site to actually see this post, well, thank you for your interest! Would you like a little tour? Ok, fine. This is a little blog engine I built over a week using
Ruby, Sinatra and Sqlite3. It's the most minimal blog engine I could possibly make. Comments? No. Categories? No. Tags? No. Just posts, nothing but posts, oh, and a couple other basically static pages. Is there a name for this fabulous new piece of software engineering? Well, no. Just blog. Perhaps some day in the future, once I've built it up a little more and it has taken on a bit of a personality I will think of a name for it, but until then its just blog.

I've got it all set up on a new Linode Ubuntu 10.04 VPS running Nginx which proxies to a Thin cluster. It sounds rather impressive, but really it only took a couple hours to get it up and running.

There is still a bit of plumbing to fix and landscaping to do. Just like any home it will probably be a never ending job to maintain and improve; but that's the fun right? So off I go to get busy fixing. See you again soon I hope!