I’m baaaack! Yes, it has been a long absence. I have no excuse, other than, well, super busy. The site is all new. I moved it from Sinatra to Rails because I’m using the admin area as a kind of playground for some language learning ideas I’m working on.

I’ve been slowly teaching myself Japanese over the last two years. I started simply because I enjoy Anime and thought it would be cool to actually be able to understand some of the language. I have since become a bit obsessed with language learning, and learning in general. It is an incredibly deep and interesting subject.

I have been a bit frustrated with the language learning sites and tools that I’ve tried. Most seem to focus on a single aspect of language learning, building vocabulary with an SRS, teaching grammar or focusing on listening and reading. Real language doesn’t work like this. I think it is better to absorb all aspects of a language (vocabulary, usage, reading, writing, listening) at the same time.

I’m working on a system that will cover as many aspects of language learning as possible in a coherent way. It will step you through a language in small increments and keep building on previous knowledge.

It starts by teaching a set of words. Not just nouns though; a set of words that can be used to form simple sentences. The words will be added to an SRS to help with memorization.

Once the first set of words have been memorized a grammar rule lesson will become available. The grammar will be taught using the previously memorized words of course. Additional sentences using the new grammar rule will be added to the SRS.

When the grammar rule has been memorized listening exercises will become available, and so on, eventually going back to another full cycle of words, grammar, listening, etc.

So, that is what I’m playing around with. If I get something that works well for me I will probably split it out to a separate site, but for now I’m just having fun experimenting.