David Lains

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November 2016

Here We Go Again

I’m baaaack! Yes, it has been a long absence. I have no excuse, other than, well, super busy. The site is all new.... More

June 2012

Strange Twitter Bootstrap Scrolling Issue

So, I've been working on a web application. Actually it is one that I 'finished' over a year ago but n... More

How Well Does Your Website Perform?

Do you run your own web site? Do you know if it can handle a traffic spike? Do you know if it performs as well as ... More

April 2012

How It Started

Summer, 1979. My friend Tom Burns' birthday party, at what is now called Haunted Trails, but was a miniature g... More

Overcome Self-Doubt

One of the biggest obstacles solo developers face is self-doubt. It is easy to look at the project you are working... More

Solo Developer

The predominant wisdom today seems to be that to solve really large problems you have to be on a team of people wi... More

March 2012

Welcome Home

Since I will be the only person that will probably ever see this entry I just wanted to say, 'Welcome to your ... More